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My practice is built on word-of-mouth advertising.  I would like to thank the following who have been kind enough to recommend my services to their patients, friends and family. As a Lactation Consultant, this is the best compliment I could ever receive.

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 Lori is a highly valued colleague. I have worked with her both directly and indirectly and have conferred with her repeatedly. I highly value her experience, because she has worked with mothers and babies at various ages and in different settings. Read more from Bonnie


Lori helped me tremendously with problems I had breastfeeding my son, and I would definitely recommend her to help with any breastfeeding problems. Not only is she extremely supportive, but she is an expert in her field.                   Read more from Jenn


My husband and I were very emotional about the fact that our new son was not latching on to my nipple and we were unable to breastfeed. Thankfully, Lori was our consultant in the hospital. Not only was she patient and understanding, she correctly diagnosed the problem within a few minutes.       Read more from Amy





I cannot express how important Lori's help and support were to myself, my husband and my son.  I wish I had taken her class before I had delivered, and I am so glad I found her.  I strongly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to breastfeed, she is AMAZING."
Many, many thanks,

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Breastfeeding Classes

Scheduled Classes are held at:

9171 W. Harmony Lane, Peoria, 85382


Upcoming Class times  6:30 – 8:30 PM:  

Upcoming Class dates:  

October 17th

November 14th

December 12th

Class fee per couple $60.00

                     Registration information listed below

The Basics of Breastfeeding Class is taught by Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC.  Lori is a very experienced lactation consultant who has taught breastfeeding classes since 1987.  This comprehensive 2 hour class covers information necessary for the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, in addition to breastpumps and returning to work.   Classes are kept to a maximum of 5 mothers and their partners.  Small classes help to increase the students'  comfort level, ability to learn and allow for enough time to have all questions answered.

Basics of Breastfeeding


Your breastfeeding class will include the following information:

1.  How the breast makes milk.

2.  How to get started with early breastfeeding.

3.  How to know if your baby is latched on correctly.

4.  How to know if your baby is getting enough at breast.

5.  How to recognize newborn feeding cues.

6.  How to be prepared for the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding.


Additional information given during the class:
1.  Helping your partner enjoy the breastfeeding experience.
2.  Community breastfeeding resources.
3.  Breastpump information - How to know which one is for you.
4.  Returning to work - pumping and storage guidelines.
5.  Breastfeeding products to increase your comfort and enjoyment.

The Basics Of Breastfeeding class fee is $60.00.  The class includes all of the above information plus:

1.  A packet of breastfeeding handouts and some sample products.

2.  Refreshments served during a scheduled break

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Any questions about classes or payment Contact me

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Upcoming Class times  6:30 – 8:30 PM:  

Upcoming class dates:

October 17th

November 14th

December 12th

Breastfeeding Class is  $60.00*

To register for the Basics of Breastfeeding class:
1.  Click on the PayPal button above: 
2.  After paying, you will be brought to a page with a form
3. After completing the form and submitting, Lori will confirm receipt  by emailing you within 24 hrs.

Any questions about classes or payment Contact me

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