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My practice is built on word-of-mouth advertising.  I would like to thank the following who have been kind enough to recommend my services to their patients, friends and family. As a Lactation Consultant, this is the best compliment I could ever receive.

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 Lori is a highly valued colleague. I have worked with her both directly and indirectly and have conferred with her repeatedly. I highly value her experience, because she has worked with mothers and babies at various ages and in different settings. Read more from Bonnie


Lori helped me tremendously with problems I had breastfeeding my son, and I would definitely recommend her to help with any breastfeeding problems. Not only is she extremely supportive, but she is an expert in her field.                   Read more from Jenn


My husband and I were very emotional about the fact that our new son was not latching on to my nipple and we were unable to breastfeed. Thankfully, Lori was our consultant in the hospital. Not only was she patient and understanding, she correctly diagnosed the problem within a few minutes.       Read more from Amy





                     All About Breastfeeding



She is Great

By Heidi (2012)
 Lori is very helpful and would recommend her to anyone! I have used her before 19 months ago with my daughter. I was to the end of my patience with the whole breast feeding with raw nipples and engorgement. I was ready to give up! I called Lori and met with her and went home feeling confident that this was going to work now. And it did!!! I was so pleased with her services! She knows sooo much bout a breast feeding and has all the right things to help you be successful at it. I even went back last week with my newborn I just recently gave birth to. She is GREAT!!!! Thank you Lori




After my third baby arrived, my early breastfeeding days were really tough due to an oversupply issue that caused two cases of double mastitis. After suffering through these issues for months with my first two children, I knew that I needed help. Lori SAVED ME! With the help of her wisdom, encouragement and support these issues were quickly resolved. I'm so thankful that am able to enjoy nursing my son, instead of being in constant pain and needing antibiotics for repeat infections. I wish I found Lori in the past. If you or someone you know is having breastfeeding difficulties of any kind, please call Lori immediately! Meeting a professional in person is more valuable than trying to navigate advice from an article, website or book. Lori's services are truly priceless and you are not alone.

 Brandi (2012)



Highly Reccomended

By Judy (2012)

I was lucky, as my son latched right away, but when he was a few weeks old I was having doubts as to whether he was getting enough and why he seemed to be so fussy. Lori was able to tell me what her thoughts were over the phone, and we met later that day. She was right, as my son was getting a lot of foremilk and less hindmilk. Lori suggested I feed him on one side for every feeding as opposed to starting over on the other breast and ten or fifteen minutes. Lo & behold, he became less fussy. I was quite pleased with how she answered all my questions and having a point person to ask random questions to has also been quite the lifesaver. I couldn't recommend her any more.



I just want to say thank Lori so much for all her help and support on this journey. My son Oliver and I owe our success in our breastfeeding relationship to Lori. Before our consult, I was ready to quit. I was so sore and had developed open sores on both my breasts from ineffecient breastfeeding. My husband rented a hospital grade pump so that I could recover before trying again and to be honest I was so traumatized that I didn't even know if I wanted too. But after a few days of pumping I was ready to try breastfeeding again and Lori came to my home for a consult. She was so warm, it was like having a second mother to take care of me. She made me feel confident that I could be successful. She also examined my sons anatomy and saw that he had a slight tongue tie which might also be contributing to the pain. Lori was able to give me additional resources to research tongue-tie and how it can affect the breastfeeding relationship. After learning how to properly latch we were still having some issues with pain and Lori was there every step of the way through phone and email support to help me work through it. Lori gave me a referral to have my son's tongue-tie corrected, and the difference was night and day.

Now my breastfeeding relationship is truly pain free. From where we started, I still can't quite believe how far we have come. I feel confident that I am able to give my son all the nourishment he needs and my body isn't being tortured to do it. If we hadn't had Lori to look at my son's mouth and give us the information on tongue-tie, we would probably be on formula by now. I cannot express how important Lori's help and support were to myself, my husband and my son. I wish I had taken her class before I had delivered, and I am so glad I found her. I strongly reccomend her services to anyone who wishes to breastfeed, she is AMAZING.

Many, many thanks,
Martina (2012)


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