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My practice is built on word-of-mouth advertising.  I would like to thank the following who have been kind enough to recommend my services to their patients, friends and family. As a Lactation Consultant, this is the best compliment I could ever receive.

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 Lori is a highly valued colleague. I have worked with her both directly and indirectly and have conferred with her repeatedly. I highly value her experience, because she has worked with mothers and babies at various ages and in different settings. Read more from Bonnie


Lori helped me tremendously with problems I had breastfeeding my son, and I would definitely recommend her to help with any breastfeeding problems. Not only is she extremely supportive, but she is an expert in her field.                   Read more from Jenn


My husband and I were very emotional about the fact that our new son was not latching on to my nipple and we were unable to breastfeed. Thankfully, Lori was our consultant in the hospital. Not only was she patient and understanding, she correctly diagnosed the problem within a few minutes.       Read more from Amy





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Lori is excellent!

                        By Stephanie

As new parents, my husband and I wanted nothing more than to enjoy our little girl and watch her grow. We thought she had taken to the breast just fine but found her to be incredibly inconsolable as the days after she was born wore on. We also noticed few wet diapers and a very dry mouth in our four-day-old. Frantic and desperate, we were referred by our doctor to Lori and left her a voicemail late that night. We were thrilled and thoroughly grateful when she called first thing the next morning and was able to come to our home that day. I am pretty sure I hung up the phone in tears because I was so hopeful to find answers for our little one! Lori arrived at our house promptly and after brief introductions, set to work. Her calm yet knowledgeable demeanor was exactly what my husband and I needed. She stayed with us for an hour, asking questions, weighing our daughter and finally, showing us how to fix our problem: a poor latch. Having only read about a good latch, I had no real frame of reference for it in practice. In fact, I thought we were doing it pretty well. I can't tell you the burden that was lifted when Lori took time to evaluate our situation and then demonstate how to fix it until we felt we understood. Within a few days, our baby was gaining weight, wetting diapers like a pro and sleeping calmly. My husband and I often reflect on the time with Lori as the best investment we made for our newborn. We just had our six week check-up and our baby is growing like a weed! I find so much joy in our breastfeeding relationship now that I know what to do. We can't thank Lori enough for all that she has done and given to us! We both highly recommend her to anyone with questions, concerns or just wanting some direction with breastfeeding. You can't make a better investment for your baby. Thank you, Lori!



Lori is a great lactation consultant!

By tressarappold - See tressarappold's reviews

Lori has provided me with excellent guidance over the course of my nursing relationship with my two daughters. I am especially grateful to her for her help increasing my second daughter's intake of breastmilk at about 8 months of age. We worked on milk supply, latch, positioning, and management of tandem nursing my youngest and her older sister. Lori paid close attention to both the details and the big picture and was (and is) a source of solid information and encouragement. I cannot praise her skills enough! I have also had the opportunity to talk with many other mothers who have been helped by Lori, and they overwhelmingly come away from a consultation feeling empowered and uplifted. Lori gives a great gift to mothers: help providing their babies with the unparalleled goodness of breastmilk and the unequaled experience of breastfeeding


Lori is excellent!

                        By a Yahoo! Local user

I went to Lori when my daughter was 2 months old. For the most part everything had been going fine with breastfeeding, but I had some questions and concerns that I wanted to discuss with her. I found her very approachable, knowledgeable & friendly. I left my appointment with her feeling completely reassured that everything was going as it should. She gave me a great education that was personal to me, and went beyond what I had learned in classes I had taken, or books I had read.
Whether you are considering going to Lori for an acute breastfeeding problem that needs immediate attention, or like myself you have some questions and concerns to discuss I would highly recommend her


June 26, 2007 Lori's the best in her business

By dooah79 - See dooah79's reviews

Lori has helped my daughter and myself through various nursing trials and has always provided insight, education, and valuable advice. She is so good at what she does.
I also worked with Lori and witnessed any mother she worked with was always pleased.
It's everywhere you look that nursing your baby is important, so the best thing to do is get the best professional help you can if you are having ANY problems, large or small; and Lori Isenstadt is the best in her field.



My husband and I were very emotional about the fact that our new son was not latching on to my nipple and we were unable to breastfeed. Thankfully, Lori was our consultant in the hospital. Not only was she patient and understanding, she correctly diagnosed the problem within a few minutes. Our son had a tight labial frenulum (the connective tissue from the upper lip to the gums on the top of the mouth). Within 5 minutes of our first visit, I was able to breastfeed with the help of a nipple shield and a better breastfeeding pillow. For a low rate, we were able to see Lori and she spent over 90 minutes with us! The cost also included follow up phone conversations and we spoke every few days for a few weeks afterwards during the adjustment. After the difficulties we faced, I can see why some women give up on breastfeeding. But with lactation consultants as wonderful as Lori, you don't need to! You can do what's best for your baby but sometimes just need a little help...
Amy S.


Lori and AABreastfeeding are AAmazing! I have 2 daughters and a son. My first daughter, Jade, breastfed for 2 years and 2 months before weaning. My second daughter, Taeva, breastfed for 18 months (the last 4-5 months of which I was pregnant) before weaning. With Taeva, I had EXTREMELY PAINFUL cracked and bleeding nipples that I was struggling with for the first 3 weeks of her life. I scheduled an appointment with Lori to see what was the matter...needless to say, it was as simple as incorrect positioning and latch. With the guidance and teaching given by Lori, we entered the healing process before we even left her office! Even though our problem was fairly common and fairly easy to correct, Lori treated our visit with the utmost professionalism and there was an instant feeling of respect and confidence with regard to her ability and experience. My son, Xandon is 5 weeks old, and we have been working with Lori since he came home from the hospital. Without Lori's help and expertise, he would not be thriving today. One would think that "the third time is a charm"...Xandon has been my most difficult and challenging experience yet, but Lori took charge and devised an aggressive plan for us,

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